Training to improve your skills


Planning training courses has got to be easier than ever in the digital age, surely. After all, having learners interact with something like a computer to enhance their learning experience surely has to be better than just having them reel off words from a blackboard, doesn’t it?

You’d think so, but the problem with this is that learners will soon become bored. Playing with a multimedia learning tool might seem fun and interesting the first few times you do it, but once you’ve done it a hundred times, it just seems a little gimmicky.

Language lessons

Let’s take the example of language lessons. You may have a class full of young people who are au fait with computers because they have been using them their whole life. In this case it would be playing to their strengths to involve as much multimedia as you possibly can to enhance the young students French exam revision, for example.

However, you might have an older class, all workers at a company that has recently won a new client in Europe, all of whom are not so familiar with modern technology but will be having to speak to their European partners on the telephone a lot. German lessons on a computer might not benefit this class quite so much.

What’s the enviornment?

So when course designers create classroom training plans, they have to consider many different options, depending on the learning needs of the students they will be teaching. We are keen to hear what you think about Occupational Training, so let us know.