CCTV installation


The installation has been a great success. The cameras are really unobtrusive and have enabled us to keep a close eye on movements within the building, as well as the ability to recall footage at the touch of a button. The system can take up to 16 cameras and because it’s such a cost effective security solution we have already asked Chris Lewis back to expand the system further.

Latest technology changes

Developments in CCTV technology have greatly increased its popularity over recent years. Digitally recorded images are now of far greater quality, specific footage can be recalled at the touch of a button and systems can be integrated with existing computer networks so PCs can be used to monitor footage. As a result of its increased popularity, prices have dropped dramatically, making it far more accessible as a security solution for homeowners and small businesses, as well as commercial and industrial customers.

We are experienced in installing CCTV in an extensive range of premises from domestic and light commercial to heavy industrial, as well as more diverse sites including waste recycling centres, hospitals and universities.

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, all commercially installed systems are required to be registered.

The ‘Code of Practice’ contains 62 legally enforceable ‘Standards’ that must be met to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Commissioner includes a further 30 points of good practice, which together with the standards, are designed to build and maintain public confidence in CCTV systems and to ensure that they operate within the law.