Data cleansing


We offer you loads of advice, tips and news about computers on this site. Whatever the issue, we’re sure to have tried tackling it. A common complaint we get is that our readers’ PCs are running too slowly. Well, here’s a couple of ways around that!

1. Defragment your hard drive

If you move files around a lot then your desktop can become rather disorganised, with bits of these files held in different places of your hard drive. This results in your computer having to put in extra effort to discover all these pieces. This slows the performance of the system. Luckily, Windows has an in-built system to fight this issue. Open My Computer, right-click one time on your C-Drive and click on Properties. Choose the Tools tab and pick Defragment Now. Follow the instructions.

2. Clean your startup folder

As your PC ages and you download more programs onto your hard drive, much of this will be added to the start-up folder. So every time you start your computer, the load time slows down as each of these programs starts up. Think how quickly your PC could start if you only had the basic programs loading at the start. Click Start and Run and type “MSCONFIG” into the window. Go to the “Startup” tab and tick each program. These are the ones which open at startup. Ask yourself whether it’s key that it loads each time your computer starts. If it isn’t, tick the box. Do this till you’re content with your selection, then restart to complete the process. You should spot a considerable change in boot time.